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 Early Christianity

Christianity has been around for centuries now. Most people remember the time when Apostle Paul spread Christianity from Jerusalem all the way to Rome. However, the origin of Christianity stems from the east and at some point was to be common in Asia. We never know - there is a high chance that Christianity would have had its headquarters in Baghdad and not in Italy. If such developments had occurred, maybe Christianity in the west would have taken a different shift. Over the years, it has experienced some transformation and developments. To further understand about these origins, this essay seeks to highlight a period when Christianity is believed to have taken roots in parts of Asia and Europe.

Early Christianity can be discussed in two stages that include the apostolic age as well as the Ante-Nicene Period. The Ante-Nicene Period is basically a time beginning from the apostolic age up to Nicea. The early Christians were mainly Jews as explained in the book of Acts of the Apostles. These Jewish Christians spread the message of the gospel by word of mouth in both Aramaic and Greek languages. The first community of Christians was based in Jerusalem and the main leaders of the time where James, John and Peter. Massive Christianity movement was felt following the conversion of Paul. No other author had such a great influence in the bible’s New Testament like Paul.

Towards the end of the 1st century, Christianity started to get internal and external recognition. It stood out as a separate religion from the Judaism culture. Judaism culture had developed following the destruction of the second temple at Jerusalem. The Jewish bible, the Tanakh was the main reference book used during that time. The Greek version of it was known as Septuagint while the Aramaic version was known as Targum. Paul’s epistles and the canonical gospels written along with other works became part of scripture that was used in church.

The subject of early Christianity began with abstract concepts and beliefs that needed the intervention of superior knowledge through spiritual inspirations to provide easy-to-understand scriptures for the church congregation. The belief about the origins of early Christianity is linked with Europe particularly at Rome, Italy. However, there is a high chance that it may have taken deep roots in Asia in such places like today’s China and so on. Apostle Paul further evolved Christianity with the focus on Christ shifting it from the conventional Mosaic Law to what is commonly known as modern Christianity. | Essay writing tutorials from experts