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Savant Syndrome

Savant syndrome is a rare condition of the brain characterized by extraordinary or prodigious talents that is significantly in excess from a normal condition. The abnormalities of the condition is emphasized where a victim displays low intelligent quotients, while showing exemplary aptitude in special talents like rapid calendar calculation, art, music, spatial skill, and memory. In most cases, people living with savant syndrome may also possess neuro-developmental disorders, autism, or brain injuries. Due to the perks derived from the condition, it’s sometimes considered as a blessing in disguise.

Causes of Savant Syndrome

The cause of this phenomenal condition can at best be described as unknown. There is no known reason why people develop what was formerly called the idiot syndrome. However, in an attempt to explicate the cause of the syndrome, several theories were suggested. The theories include eidetic imagery, sensory isolation, inherited skills, practice rituals, and damage to the left hemisphere of the brain. The different postulations are exactly what they are: baseless and unfounded, because, there is a snag in each of these causes.

Perhaps one of the theories with significant realistic bearing is the acquired savant, which is traceable to a left brain injury. The left hemisphere of the brain is recognized for logic, and a critical hit to it could result to an enhanced functioning of the right brain. The right side of the brain monopolizes operations and release spontaneous characteristics in the victim.

Savant Syndrome – a blessing or a curse?

When the right side of the brain takes over the result is abnormally outstanding talents which include enhanced capabilities to execute specific tasks. Because of the acquired extra capabilities gotten from the left brain damage, one is compelled to dub the condition as a blessing in disguise. How else would one describe the case of an old woman who with no previous artistic skill, later became an extraordinary artist after a type of dementia process.

And how about this incredible case? In 2002, Jason Padget – an acquired savant, suffered a concussion after a severe hit on the head. The result of that damage was a conversion from a college loafer to a high-level mathematician.

Savant Syndrome treatment

Because it’s a condition and not a disorder or a disease, its remedy is similar to that given to asperger and autism disorders.

Savant syndrome is an uncommon disorder of the brain. The signs of savant contagion is manifested by an unusual talent in specified tasks like music art fast calculations, etc. and there is no known cure to the condition. | Essay writing tutorials from experts