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Top 20 Jane Eyre Essay Topics For College Students

The popular novel Jane Eyre was written by Charlote Bronte, and has since been followed up by a successful big screen movie of the same title. This is actually one of the most popular books that students are normally asked to write about, and for this same reason you would be best suited to get some of the best topics that you can write about. Herein are 20 of the finest topics that you can choose to use for your paper:

  1. What the importance of paranormal experiences is as shared within the novel?
  2. Lessons that were learned by the characters from the dreams and visions that they experienced
  3. The representation of the different women who were part of the novel. While looking closely at the same, take a closer look at their feminine behavior
  4. Discuss the positive and negative role models in the novel
  5. Explore Jane’s concept of religion
  6. Discuss the views of Jane with respect to Christianity, and contrast it with the views of St. John Rivers, Mr. Brocklehurst and Helen Burns
  7. Discuss eh ambiguity of Jane’s social class
  8. Using Jane Eyre as a classic, compare and contrast the upper and the lower class in the society
  9. Explain the concept of societal class systems in England based on the novel
  10. Discuss the instances in the novel where the voice of the older Jane surpasses that of the younger Jane, intruding into the narrative
  11. Compare and contrast the voice of the older Jane and the younger Jane in the novel
  12. What is the importance of artistic renditions and drawings in the novel?
  13. What do we learn about Jane from the artistic renditions?
  14. Compare and contrast the concept of ice and fire in the novel
  15. Discuss the moral attributes that are portrayed with the concept of fire and ice
  16. Discuss the personality traits that are associated with fire and ice in the novel
  17. Explain the importance of the 5 places where Jane lived through her journey, and the significance of the names of these places to her life.
  18. Compare and contrast St. John Rivers and Rochester in terms of their strengths and weaknesses
  19. Explain Jane’s reasons for ignoring St. John and choosing Rochester
  20. Clearly discuss the representation that is alluded to foreigners in the novel | Essay writing tutorials from experts