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A List Of Exploratory Essay Topics On Global Warming

It is not hard to look around the world and see that existing lifeforms change drastically as the temperature changes and some conditions seem to support more forms of life than others. This indicates that certain types of life prefer specific temperatures and as humans we are no different. This is the main reason the topic of global warming is of such great concern to all, or at least, it should be.

Here are 10 examples of exploratory essays on global warming:

  1. Humans are not to blame
  2. Explore the possibility that the contribution of humans to planetary systems is not enough to cause such drastic changes in climate.

  3. We can make the difference
  4. Present good evidence to support the idea that humans can take actions that can significantly curb rising average temperatures.

  5. Scientists have the answer
  6. Explore the possible worse case scenarios that can arise if scientists are given free reign to conduct large scale experiments involving changing of Earth’s heat levels and give argument to support or refute this prospect.

  7. Just let it happen
  8. Give reason to support the opinion that the changes we observe are simply the earth going through its natural cycle.

  9. We have not used enough fossil fuels to cause global warming
  10. Some argue that we have not used enough of the earths fossil fuel reserves to effect the observed changes. Give evidence to support this claim.

  11. This is all God’s work
  12. Should the population of earth simply relinquish any attempts at changing fate and believe that this is all inevitable?

  13. Global warming is caused by changes in earths solar orbit
  14. There is scientific evidence to support the idea that the Earth’s orbit causes changes in the distance from the earth to the sun. Explore the possibility that this is the sole cause of rising temperatures on earth.

  15. The sun is getting hotter
  16. Like any other star, the sun changes, and these changes are responsible for the global warming we observe.

  17. The ice caps are melting because of changes in air pressure
  18. Pressure affects the melting point of liquids, give evidence to support the claim that this is the cause of melting icecaps and not rising temperatures.

  19. Increase salinity
  20. As time passes, mineral deposits dissolved in the ocean’s waters increase. Explore the possibility that this is the reason the icecaps are melting instead of rising temperatures.

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