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In Search Of Outstanding Topics For A Descriptive Essay

Descriptive essays are useful as a means of stretching a new writer’s creative muscles. They employ language that paints pictures with words artistically to explain something so vividly that the reader feels almost as if he or she has been transported to that place or is experiencing the thing being described. There are many topics that suit this type of essay that have been over utilised because they were convenient. To pick a great one that still has some originality to it, try doing both of the following:

Read good works of fiction

These are full of descriptions and you can use what you see to inspire your own selections of things to describe. The best novels will also help you pick good vocabulary for inclusion in the final essay.

Look at previous classes’ offerings

Whatever was done in a previous year should definitely get automatic exclusion from your list of potential topics. This can be difficult when said list contains themes that are especially appealing but it works out better this way in the long run.

As you brainstorm your own ideas, you can also attempt any of these splendid few listed below:

  1. The sound of music to one previously hearing impaired
  2. Anxiety from a neurobiological as well as emotional perspective
  3. A baby’s first real smile
  4. The old school yard around the bend
  5. Visitors from another dimension
  6. The moment of discovery for a husband who has been the recipient of blatant infidelity
  7. A day at the gym shortly after a new year has begun
  8. The smells sights and sounds of a poorly run slaughterhouse
  9. A new home (from the perspective of a shelter puppy)
  10. Love at first sight as witnessed by a non-biased observer
  11. The last days of a patient struck unexpectedly with Ebola
  12. The sight of a long-awaited thunder storm over a desert region
  13. Poverty as explained without the rose tinted shades of romanticism
  14. A murder scene as observed by a highly skilled detective
  15. The process of attaining Nirvana through meditation and asceticism
  16. The instruments most frequently used in the Middle Ages and Renaissance periods
  17. Tropical birds when witnessed in flight
  18. Mermaids and other mythical sea dwelling creatures
  19. The Sistine Chapel
  20. Amateur golf

Ideas like these and even better ones will soon come naturally to you. | Essay writing tutorials from experts