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Three Places To Get Expository Essay Examples For High School

In an Expository Essay, a student investigates a certain idea, finds evidence for or against it, elaborates on that idea with the help of the evidence and then generates his own argument for or against that idea in a very clear and precise manner.

A successful expository essay normally has the following basic elements.

  • A topic sentence or thesis statement which is usually stated in the very first paragraph of the piece. It is most often than not the very first line of the paragraph too.
  • The body of the piece is composed of paragraphs that preferably include one general idea in each paragraph. The ideas are propped up by evidential support.
  • Evidential support can be based on fact, anecdotes or just flowing logic.
  • The conclusions drawn should be based on the writer’s own ideas generated with the help of the new evidence provided.

Now that we know what an Expository Essay looks like, we can go looking for it in the following three places:

  1. The School Website
  2. Most high school websites nowadays have student sections which have various resources for them to use. These can vary from class schedules to study aids. Many teachers also put up examples of previous exam papers or essays and papers to help students get an idea of the kind of work expected of them and to help them study. Look around your school website and you will find great examples of what you are looking for.

  3. The library
  4. Your high school library is a treasure trove of helpful study materials. Ask your librarian where the previous student works are. Find the subject area you are interested in and look through the various options available. You will find some great examples and samples this way.

  5. Look online
  6. The above two ways will help you search in a more focused way because the examples you find will most probably be relevant to your school and your area. The biggest source of information, however, is always the internet. Search online with the simple terms “Expository Essay” and you will find thousands of results. For a more focused search, use the terms “Expository Essay + subject area”. This way you will find many examples of written pieces in your particular area of interest. Be sure to use the most popular search engine or even use multiple ones as this will give you more varied results. | Essay writing tutorials from experts