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Canadian Foreign Policy

The Canadian foreign policy is one of the world foreign policies that have got a great history behind them. Since the end of British rule Canada, the country has developed to one of the most independent nation in the present world. The foreign policy of Canada is very broad. It ranges from its relations with other foreign countries since the colonial period until the most previous issues on terror and war. Actually, this is what has shaped and made the current Canadian policy on foreign affairs attract the interest of almost each nation in the world.

Effects of Terror and War on Foreign Policy of Canada

The long lasting war and terror issues in the southern countries neighboring Canada have played significant role in the repeated reshuffling of the foreign policies of Canada. Although the nation has not been really involved continuing war in Afghanistan and Iraq, it has been a key role in the battle in supporting the governments in war against terror groups. Due to this, Canada has been repeatedly receiving terror threats from the opposition groups. Due to this, the Canadian government has been forced to amend its policies on foreign affairs so as to curb any possible terrorism attempt by the terror groups. In this case, Canada has stricken its foreign policy to tighten the security of the nation. This has enabled Canada to maintain the nation calm and peaceful despite frequent terror threats.

Impacts of Foreign Relations on Canadian Foreign Policy

Canadians long-lasting relations with other nations such as Israel and Russia have seen the nations maintain mutual understanding and healthy international trade with other countries. Since the end of the world longest cold war in history, Canada seems to have developed mutual relationship with Russia. Although in the most recent past, the increased rate of terror attacks has cooled down the relationship, it is very clear that Russia has remained to be very close partner to Canada. Nevertheless, although, Russia has often violated Canadian foreign policy by streaming into its air space, the mutual relationship between these nations has remained intact.

Canadian policy on foreign affairs towards the Israel nation is also a matter of concern. Although Canadian foreign policies do not direct affect Israel nation, the country has been following American led kind of relation toward Israel. The nations do neither have close relations nor have any conflicts against each other. The countries remained in good terms but protected by their own policies. | Essay writing tutorials from experts