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How To Compose A Decent Essay On Abortion

Abortion is the final stage of an unwanted pregnancy. Pertinent questions have often been raised on the ethicality of killing a fetus, just because someone is indiscreet with the sexual act. Conversely, it is also considered a right to let go off something if you don’t want it; even a fetus.

Those against the motion

Countries that are deeply religious have traditionally been against the logic of abortion. Many Catholic and Islamic countries fall in this purview. This tenet creates a fascinating platform for the conjuring of essays.

Posing danger

As humans have evolved and become more conscious, abortion is now largely allowed in the first 4 months of pregnancy. Post that period, it is reckoned that abortion can cause danger to the woman undergoing the process and is generally disallowed. Accredited healthcare centers abide by this motion.

The psychosomatic effect

Abortion also has psychosomatic effect on the person, especially if the woman is still in her teens. The pain of killing what may have been a life; the actual process and the dread of societal constraints (in case of illicit conception) drive deep into her conscience. She also suffers from nausea, vomiting and some other technicalities during the period.

The lenient judiciary

Most countries’ judiciary is raising to the issue that conceptions during rape or force can be aborted at any period; if the woman allows the process. Some are also of the opinion that women under the age of 16 should have an inordinate right to abort even after 4 months of conception since they are not mentally adept to care after the would-be child.

The wounds of time

For many women, the would-be child can be a reminder of the brutal force she was afflicted on; or the child may bring to her the memory of someone she despises. Sadly, these logics are not bought by courts of law, since they are hardly emotional.

The teenager problem

In case of teenagers, they may be aware but not believing of the fact that sex may lead to procreation. Online intervention has anyhow raised sexual knowledge in kids as early as 14-15. Yet, when they actually become pregnant, they become naturally shy and reserved, unable to share their sensitive problem with others for fear of being secluded.

You may mention solutions in your essay; spread of sexual awareness, psychological pampering; absolute harmlessness of abortion et al. Make sure you pen an authoritative piece. | Essay writing tutorials from experts