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What Makes A Great Exploratory Essay: Writing Tips

If you've never written an exploratory essay then you will want to do your homework, and by that I mean research! Exploratory essays are quite different from informative or argumentative essays. If you're reading this, then you likely need some help. It might sound intimidating to write something you're never written before, but don't worry about it. We usually make things harder than they really are. Don't build it up in your head and overwhelm yourself. It may be different from your other essays, but it's not any more difficult. All that changes is the structure and information.

Rather than arguing a claim, you will be arguing a question. You need to find a topic; say relationships, for instance. Once you have your topic, you can get started. Your paper should be structured in the following manner:

  • Discuss what problem/question/topic you chose and why it's important.
  • You should explore possible causes of your problem, the people (or institutions) involved.
  • Give possible solutions to your problem.

That's just the introduction. The body of your paper should include the following:

  • Discuss your inquiry process and where your information came from.
  • Include any pertinent information that you found that relates to your question/problem.
  • Explain why your information and how you can attest to its accuracy.
  • Tell your readers your personal view on the problem and how your research has changed or confirmed your opinion on the subject.

The conclusion is the same as any other. You should restate your problem, the people or institution involved and any solutions to the problem. Any you still have questions for, you can express them, why you still have them and how you plan to come to the solution of the problem.

The purpose of your essay is to explore a problem and explain how you work through it with research. It is a process meant to teach you and the readers about the problem.

Remember that you don't have anything to prove or to argue. In a way, it should be easier than other essays because you don't have to arrive at a definitive point when you're finished.

The paper should be about your own thoughts, experiences, views and opinions on the topic. It should include everything you have learned through your research. | Essay writing tutorials from experts