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Looking For Resources Providing Free Essays On The Holocaust

The holocaust is one of the most significant yet horrific events of the past century, and it had a great impact on several areas, including sociology, politics, ethics, religion, psychology and religion. As such, it would not be surprising to find a great deal of literature on topics related to the Holocaust in various publication media. In case you are looking for resources providing free essays on the Holocaust, here is a highlight of some useful resources you may consider.


The internet should be the first place to consider when looking for resources providing free essays on the Holocaust. There are numerous sites that provide scholarly book reviews as well as other high quality publications on a wide range of topics about the Holocaust. Some of the best resources on the internet include historical sites and virtual libraries.

Historical Sites

Historical sites are usually free archives of documents, recordings, photographs and essays regarding various issues about the History, including the Holocaust. Historical sites particularly have large collections of essays related to historical aspects of the Holocaust. Other historical sites provide comprehensive information about a range of historical events and periods. They also provide excellent sets of Holocaust links and extremely detailed timelines of Holocaust events.

Virtual Libraries

Virtual libraries are also useful online tools to consider when looking for resources providing free essays on the Holocaust. They act as a source of free information about things like Jewish history, anti-Semitism, Judaism, Israel, and U.S. – Israel relations. Some virtual libraries have a section that is purely devoted to the Holocaust and guide the reader to excellent informational and historical resources.

Subject Specific Websites

Subject-specific sites are also valuable tools for anyone looking for resources providing free essays on the Holocaust. Some of these websites are run by social institutions that are affiliated with renowned universities to provide large volumes of primary source historical information online. Some of them have material from specific events related to the Holocaust, such as the Nuremberg trials, resistance, persecution, concentration camps, Holocaust basics, and victims.

Online Discussion Lists

Online discussion lists are great resources for getting free essays on the Holocaust. Some discussion lists are moderated and have thousands of subscribers who focus on academic research about the Holocaust. Others act like discussion networks for professional scholars, authors, historians, survivors and other interested individuals involved with genocide studies and related fields like anti-Semitism and Jewish history in the 1930s and 40s. | Essay writing tutorials from experts