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Etiquette In Football

Etiquette is a stipulated set of behaviour in a community or among members of a particular group or profession. These behaviours are set to guide individuals on the dos and the don’ts in their daily activities to ensure the safety of everyone or the success of an activity or business venture. Football can be defined as any sport that encompasses kicking the ball using the legs to make a score.

Football etiquettes are fixed unwritten and informal codes of behaviour that stipulates how players, teams, referees, coach, managers and fans should behave. Football is a very interactive and engaging sport and without fixed code of behaviours for both the players and the fans can be a very chaotic game. These codes of behaviours are meant to prevent any injuries, conflict, fight, biased refereeing and uncontrolled fans during the game. Breaching any of the codes during the game, calls for the immediate penalty. The penalties differ depending on the level of code breach.

Overview of etiquette in football

It is important for sportsmen to maintain discipline in and out of the pitch as this may significantly influence the outcomes of a match. Football etiquette contributes to a spirit of fair play. The game is more enjoyable if both the players and the fans adhere to the code of conduct that stipulates football etiquette. There are different categories of rules and regulations for everyone in the pitch, that is, the players, the referees, the coaches and the fans in general. These rules and regulations prevent any occasion of violence and gross misconduct in the pitch during the game.

Although ladies are exempted, taking off hats for the national anthem is one of the football etiquette. Taking off your hat to show your respect it is always a good thing. It is always the right thing for people to respect the nation anthem regardless of the nationality as it is a symbol of unity. It is also advisable for the fans to remain seated unless the people adjacent to you are standing. This is because everyone came to watch the game and standing may block the people who were sitting behind you and this may lead to commotion among the fans.

Importance of football etiquette

Since the football federation has put strong rules on teams worldwide, football etiquette is a key issue for all teams to observe. Observing the rules involves even controlling their fans to prevent any violence among fans during a match. Failure to observe these rules calls for penalties and in severe cases teams are burned from participating in particular tournaments. | Essay writing tutorials from experts