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Discrimination: Feminist Theory

Feminist theory critically analyzes the status of men and women in the society how different aspects of society have affected women and provided them with a chance to advance. The perspectives taken by these feminist theories reflect on the gender issue. The gender difference theory bases its argument on location and experience of women in social situations and how they differ from men. The work world differentiates men and women on cultural responsibilities hence making women feel weaker. Allocation of their roles in jobs is seen as based on gender difference.

Perception developed is that women are objects and therefore have minimal chances of gaining advancement opportunities and unable to achieve self-realization. The feminist theory of gender-inequality is similar to gender difference but it goes a further extend of indicating women to be unequal to men. Regardless of women having the same capabilities as men, they have been denied the opportunity and chance to express themselves in job settings. This is highly indicated in law enforcement jobs where male domination of AAW has been the main issue affecting their allocation and assignment of jobs.

The sexual division of labor still demands that the women spare most of their time managing households. Gender expression theory tries to argue further that women remain subordinated, actively oppressed and mostly abused by men in power. Under this theory, it is considered that men control power and it is through this power that oppression practices are directed towards women in the society and at the work place. From this study, it indicates that women have failed to achieve in the society due to the negative factors perpetuated by men causing a concrete ceiling that remains hard to break. AAW are considered the weakest of all in the society as indicated by their underrepresentation and white dominance and persistence in perpetuating negative practices that undermine their existence. Based on race, race continues to b a valuable social, economical, and political resource for white Americans, which grants them easy access to resources and great power. This power and resource has provided for them better insulation than AAW from judgments that are negative based on cultural factors, physical features or language. | Essay writing tutorials from experts