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Single Parents Families

There are many more single-parent families now than there once were. Single parents are always on the rise. Some people believe that these people are not fit to raise children on their own as a child should have both a mother and a father. Some have no choice but to be on their own while other choose this life. Some of these single parents are even more dedicated to their children because they are trying to compensate for being single parents and feel an obligation to their child because of what they are missing. There is nothing to say that single parent families aren’t just as happy as two-parent ones.

Some people don’t have a choice in the matter. Some women get pregnant, and their baby’s father does not want to stick around for them. In this situation, the women often choose to keep their babies and raise them as best they can by themselves. Even without a father these women often have help from other family members and even friends creating a non-traditional family. This situation often works out and makes happy children.

Other women or men have husbands, wives, boyfriends or girlfriends who do want to be there for their children but die, leaving the women to raise their children on their own as well. When a spouse dies it is incredibly difficult on the other spouse to deal with this tragedy. Even if they were not married but committed to each other, it can be almost unbearable but they go on for their kids. These people make it work for them and try to give them the best life possible.

There are also those people who intentionally adopt children on their own. Some family oriented traditionalists see this as wrong because the other single parents cannot control how they became single parents, but these people choose this life for their children. In truth, these are just people who have enough love to share with a child and a desire to have a child, so they adopt. They have a hard time from the agencies for being single and have to fight to get what they want. Many believe they are deliberately depriving their children of a good home life, but in reality they are just trying to make their lives complete.

Adoption has made a lot more single parents, but there are plenty who got that way the natural way. While some believe it is wrong for the child, others believe that the child can be just as happy with one parent and even grow to understand and love them for their sacrifices and dedication as single parents. | Essay writing tutorials from experts