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The Duality Of Man: Doctor Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

People are commonly familiar with Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. This is a character from an original novel written by Robert Louis Stevenson. The title of his work is known as “Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.” The Dr. is actually one person but they display characteristics of having more than one personality. One side has morals and the other side is evil. Stevenson’s work later was developed into movies and other forms of entertainment. The concept seems like it makes good entertainment, but unfortunately there are people that seem to have real issues with their personality.

Also referred to as just “Jekyll and Hyde,” the story surrounding this character is one of the highlights of the story. Dr. Henry Jekyll feels he is battling himself with personality changes. Jekyll tries to get over feelings of evil with a potion he invents. But, the potion actually brings out more feelings of evil and this leads to the creation of Edward Hyde. Jekyll is unable to fight off feelings of evil and Mr. Hyde ends up getting the upper hand. The potion that was created is Jekyll’s only hope to stay conscious.

Mr. Hyde is the evil side of Dr. Jekyll that does violent acts. Jekyll was known as a good person with unique statue. So, some of the acts committed by Mr. Hyde were things Jekyll would never do. When Mr. Hyde committed such violent acts he would get a thrill, but some of the acts were considered heinous such as murdering people. When Mr. Hyde did more violent acts it became apparent to Dr. Jekyll he may not be able to get rid of this evil force within him. Yet, this did not overlook how he felt. Jekyll noted he felt youthful and energetic; this was different from how his “old-self” felt. Jekyll was known to be social with others.

People familiar with the concept of Jekyll and Hyde may think about someone with a mental illness such as split personality. This is a person that shows multiple personalities that can be positive and negative. This character showed such traits but with extremes that are often questioned. Some wonder how a person is capable of having such a problem. Other are curious about the author of the story and why he chose to depict this character in this manner. | Essay writing tutorials from experts