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Jacksonian Democracy

The Jacksonian democracy was the period between 1820 and 1840. The period marked most of America’s political developments. Office holding and property qualifications for voting were repealed during this time. Individuals were not allowed to vote by voice. The Jacksonian democracy helped to shape a number of activities that are evident in the modern day politics of America. However, it is important to analyze other events that were shaped following this democracy.

Andrew Jackson had gained a lot of fame in the presidential election of 1828. The strategies of the subsequent bank of the US were termed as special privilege by the Americans. The majority rule was also achieved during the democratic process. This formed a new direction in the politics of America. Jackson had been elected as president from a state other than Massachusetts or Virginia. He proclaimed himself to be the champion of the common man and believed that he had the potential to change the politics of America. When his term of reign was over, Jackson was succeeded by Van Buren, who expressed the significance of the Jacksonian movement throughout his leadership.

Through the leadership of Van Buren, the new Democratic Party was created that had chief qualities that linked with the Jacksonian democracy. This was declared as the party of the ordinary workers and farmers. The special privileges of economic elites were opposed. The ordinary white Americans were offered with affordable western land, with the Indians forcefully moving westward. The democrats were thereafter challenged by the Whig party with a different vision and platform for the nation. The government’s support for economic improvement was favored by the Whig party. This was thought to be the best route to sustained prosperity. The broad benefits of economic development were also defended by this party as democrats stressed the new forms that were created by the dependence.

In short, the Jacksonian democracy paved the way for economic benefits and political democracy. Political competition led to a modern framework that helped to pass messages to the Americans. The modern era of the American politics began when Jackson was elected as president in 1828. His values helped to shape the sense of the world throughout the American Revolution. Religious, economic, and geographic changes resulted from the revolution and the presidential election of 1828. All these helped to remove pitfalls and create opportunities for the future of America. The best and the worst qualities of the American society were, therefore, reflected during the Jacksonian democracy. | Essay writing tutorials from experts