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What Should You Write In An Essay About Discovering Yourself?

According to Oscar Wilde, you should always “be yourself”. Often times, you find out that even when you thought you know yourself, you really don’t know what you want from life itself and its you a while to figure yourself out. Therefore, in writing your essay about discovering yourself, there are several elements that you need to include in order to make your paper worth your target readers’ time and energy. If for example, you had misconceptions about what makes a self-worth until you were finally able to discover yourself, here are the things you should write in your paper:

  • How You Started On The Wrong Footing: In this paragraph, you discuss how you had irrational thoughts that achieving certain academic qualifications and excellence was going to make you whole as a person. However, after working hard and achieving good grades, you still felt hollow inside out.
  • The Realization Of The Truth About Worthiness: This is where you talk about the things you had to do in order to justify your worth. Unfortunately, you later got to realize that your actions and thoughts were rather self-destructive as you got to learn that no matter one’s status, everybody is worthy of respect and love.
  • The Need To Explore: Here you talk about the importance of trying out various things in order to truly understand what your likes and dislikes are, including your capabilities. This is against sticking to a particular activity or hobby just because you thought people would like them. Some of the activities you can try include painting, sporting activities, engaging in volunteer works, creative writing, catering and lots more.
  • The Importance Of Letting The Huge Expectations Go: Let your readers know how you were able to finally take a bold step towards discovering yourself by letting go of the ‘tall’ expectations you had. Let them know how this action led you to accepting yourself the way you were and facing the world with high dignity afterwards.
  • Take Good Care Of Yourself: In this paragraph of your essay about discovering yourself, you tell your readers how you were able to take care of yourself as you progressed in the journey towards discovering yourself. This includes having enough rest (both in the daytime and at night), reading great novels, taking warm showers, strolling in the cool evening breeze etc. Let them know how all these left you feeling calmer and more prepared to take on the next day.

At the end of your essay about discovering yourself, let your readers know that over time, you came to the realization that there are multiple opportunities in life which should be utilized to the fullest. As much as possible, they should never allow a missed opportunity deprive them of the next one. | Essay writing tutorials from experts