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Creating A Winning Descriptive Essay About The Intelligence Bureau

Writing about the intelligence service is a thrilling experience. Granted that you do not feel like a super spy or someone from an action flick. But through your research you find out more about the agencies and how they work. This is a good topic and one which has lots of information. You will have to pick a specific angel on which you wish to base your descriptions.

There are quite a few intelligence bureaus with different names although they work for the same government. They have different ways of doing their work so you will have to select the specific one you wish to write about. There are also common grounds in case you wish to be more generic and keep the topic easy for the reader.

Here are some steps that will help you write a winning descriptive essay:

  • Come up with an interesting thesis statement. This is what that will decide on how the paper will shape up. It is the main idea that you wish to express through your writing. If you have selected any specific angel and a specific bureau then it should be mentioned in the thesis statement. Even if you are writing a generic paper on information agencies then mention what you are going to find out or explain in your paper.

  • Create an outline on the points that you are going to elaborate. With a proper planning you will not miss out on any important points. Since it is descriptive essay there should be vivid descriptions of the various functions or the people involved in the agencies. If you are going to highlight any specific aspect say the mode of work of these agents then describe it in details. You can always throw in some description of the offices or scenes so that it appears more relevant to the reader.

  • The devil is in the detail, this is especially true in case of descriptive essay. There has to be an insane amount of details in the writing. Only then can you hope to get good grades. However the details has to be relevant or at least add to the mood and theme of the paper otherwise it is useless.

  • Use adjectives and metaphors to highlight your points. A descriptive essay is incomplete without some good metaphors. You can also use other sensory tools like similes and personification. | Essay writing tutorials from experts