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The Top 25 Expository Essay Topics For Middle School

Expository essays are the ones that answer questions. These questions do not need to be about great philosophies or life revealing experiences. Any simple or complex question that might come into the mind can be answered using an expository essay. These questions encompass a wide array of subjects as social life, education, independence, self-confidence and any other thing that might give rise to a question. However, this is not something to explain scientific theories or lemmas.

Study related expository essay topics

  • Should sex education be made compulsory in high school?
  • Does the present education system ascertain the appreciation of merit?
  • Should there be reservations and quotas in higher education?
  • Should non academic extracurricular activities be made compulsory?
  • Is it necessary to make teacher recruitment criteria more stringent?

Social issues related expository essay topics

  • What is the condition of homeless people in different cities and countries?
  • Is there a need for amendments in adopting laws?
  • What can be done to overcome the effects of a bad childhood?
  • Is dropping out of school always a negative?
  • What is the effect of social media on modern life?

Technology related expository essay topics

  • Is the advent of technology a disaster in disguise?
  • Is innovations like smart phones and tablets ruining the childhood of modern kids?
  • Does the World Wide Web ignites curiosity or kills it?
  • Does the internet give access to information or misinformation?
  • Will genetics collide with religious beliefs?

Career related expository essay topics

  • Does too many options makes the youth incapable of choosing the right career?
  • Does percentage directly correlate to efficiency in work places?
  • Is the pressure of the society still a major factor in deciding a career option?
  • Does having a part time job lead to making mistakes in choosing the correct career options?
  • Is it practically feasible to quit a job and resume studies?

Miscellaneous expository essay topics

  • Is there a general misconception of regarding diet as starvation and not a balanced healthy calorie intake?
  • Is it important to have a mascot for everything?
  • What kinds of effect can getting a driving license have on a teenager?
  • Is it human nature to pick up the bad traits and not the good ones from one’s company?
  • What kind of effect can a pet have on your mood?

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