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Social Networking

Today, most individuals in most parts of the world are using at least one social media platform. However, even with the increased use of these sites people still have many questions about social networking. Some wonder if social networking helps or advances them or hinders their lives. There are also several issues and questions about the safety of the sites or platforms. While others view social networking as a means of improving and increasing productivity, some view it as a waste of their time. Even while this is the case, most people continue to use it, and the popularity is growing among people of all groups and especially the youths. Therefore, we should consider the benefits, advantages as well as the disadvantages of social networking.

The advantages of Social Networking

Among the several advantages or benefits of social networking is that vital for ensuring worldwide connectivity. While you make searches on former class mates, teachers, international friends, the easiest way to find them is through the social media. While you conduct such searches and spend time on social network sites, then you can meet other international friends. It is possible therefore to acquire several new friends, make business plans and connections and also interact with several people in these plat forms. While the most popular sites may include Facebook and Twitter, Pinterest and LinkedIn have also increased popularity. At The same time, several other new social networking sites are popping up. It is also possible to find individuals with whom you share common interests. For example, you can find players, politicians, supporters and even students. Sharing information has gotten easy with social networking. Several people may be online at the same time. This way, it is possible to chat and share information. Even teachers can answer their students on social media. Targeted advertising has been made easier by social networking. People including business persons view social media is the best platform to make people aware of their businesses, their sales as well as upcoming events. News also travels fastest on social networking sites, and this makes it easier for the people in all areas and places in the world using social media to remain informed.

Disadvantages of Social Networking

Sometimes, social networking can be dangerous and hurt. Some content that may be posted online may harm the emotions and feelings of others. Also, feedback concerning some issues can be brutal like religion as well as politics. At the same time, social networking can waste a lot of time, especially for youths.

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