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The Bible is a holy book for Christians. It is a collection of work from many authors. Originally, the Bible was written in Latin and later on translated into different languages among them English, French, and even Swahili. The Holy book as it is referred to h as being divided into two major segments: the Old and New testaments.

The Old and New Testament

The Old Testament is a collection of several books beginning with Genesis and ending with Malachi. Genesis vividly talks about how the world came to be. It talks about how God created the earth and how He made man in His image.

The New Testament too is a collection of various books written by different authors. This segment describes the lifetime of Jesus, the miracles he conducted, his teachings and ends with God’s plan for end time.

Spiritual Nourishment

Christians find spiritual nourishment from the scripture. The Holy Bible is a book that is used for passing on words of wisdom and hope to Christians. Through the Bible, preachers use it to spread the gospel. A preacher uses the Bible to convince sinners to abandon their wayward ways, repent and follow Jesus in order to enjoy eternal life in the after-life according to the Christian faith.

Through the Gospel, which is Christian term meaning “good news”, demons are exorcised and human beings are taught new ways of life. The Bible is used as a bench mark for Christian living. Christians are supposed to live in accordance to the laid ways that Jesus lived. As much as not all people read this book, testimonies are given by those who read and believe in it that they experience miracles.

Solace and comfort is offered to the wounded by reading the Bible. It is a great book that covers a wide range of practical life examples. In most communities, children are introduced to Bible knowledge in their early stages of life. They attend Sunday schools where they are taught and memorize memory verses. Through these verses, children get to know the value of respecting their elders.

As much as this is a spiritual book, its access is not only restricted to Christians. Anybody can read this book for whatever reason that they may have; curiosity, expansion of knowledge, or even as an assignment given from a learning institution. Therefore, it is a book that can be referred to by people from all religious background provided that one can extract the relevant information needed.

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