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Basic Tutorial For Writing A Short Conclusion For A Synthesis Essay

Synthesis essay is a researched evaluation of a topical theme and ingratiates all the in-built and external qualities into it. You have to assimilate all your findings and information and also synthesize other people’s perspectives into the matter.

Similar structure

Now, the structure is similar to other such pieces; fictional, narrative, exploratory or reflective. There has to be an Introduction and Conclusion and a succession of paragraphs in between. Crux of synthesis is to make it crisp and more gravitational.

A powerful conclusion

The release comes through the conclusion that should be chiseled and well-crafted. You have to opine on the synthesis of other people’s ideas; understand the facts and figures and then culminate according to what you feel is a possible solution. It always helps if you can liberate readers with a way through.

Keeping the momentum

You cannot mention anything you have not brought in previous paragraphs. The essence will largely be the same; only you will pull out the effects from the underlying causes. This requires a typical craft and creation; especially when you work on such a complicated piece.

In the groove

Your perspective should be like an apple falling from the tree; it cannot fall farther from the premise. Yet, it can be sweeter and bigger (more potent). You cannot take to a diametrically different route in the conclusion. So, you should keep in mind the significant points you have raised through the piece.

The upward curve

As a starter, you should go through some powerful synthesis pieces to understand how a conclusion is wrought. Otherwise, they may take the issue lightly. The onus is on you to keep directing your style towards a credence; not an anticlimax.

Here is an example of a synthesis essay example –

The topic – Conduct disorder syndrome and its impact on kids

The conclusion – ‘It has been assessed and concretized that children suffering from conduct disorder syndrome can grow into rebellious, shy and aloof adults. Thus, it is necessary to treat the affected ones when they are still in their formative years. It is essential to absorb the causative factors; say, alcoholism, domestic violence, abuse; poverty. You should then endeavor to make the kids understand that these phases pass away in due time and they should not let these attributes hamper their growth. You should foster an amiable environment at home and more importantly, listen to them and their plight. Act with wisdom and perseverance and you will see the change coming through; slowly but surely.’

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