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14 Discursive Essay Topics On Mental Health For College Students

Nowadays, people who suffer of mental diseases have a very hard time integrating in the society. This is even more severe when it comes to groups of teenagers, where the members are more superficial and care more about the appearance. To try to change something you can write an essay on this theme and present it in front of your class. These are 14 amazing topics:

  1. Social anxiety in teenagers. A big part of teenagers suffer from anxiety, but they do not talk about this or ask for help. However, if they do not receive support they can be affected on long term and have problems when they are adults.
  2. Depression. Many people do not consider it as a serious disease, and this is a big issue from the people who suffer from it. If you do not know how to approach this topic get immediate help.
  3. Therapy in schools. If high schools would provide therapeutic support for the students, they could be much happier and free of problems. Even so, there aren’t many schools who do this.
  4. Alzheimer. Write some general information about the disease, as well as how people can discover if their loved ones suffer from this disease.
  5. Autistic children. They are extremely smart, even though they can’t express themselves like other people. Many of them are very good in math, physics or arts and they have a higher IQ than anyone else.
  6. Domestic violence. Talk about domestic violence and how this can affect the mental health of the children. Make sure to not offend anyone or give examples from your family or friends.
  7. Perception and conception. You can actually help your colleagues change their perception regarding sick people; let them understand that they are also humans and they should be treated equal.
  8. Children with disabilities. Very often parents refuse to accept that their child has a problem, so they do not take him to the doctor.
  9. Schizophrenia. Can it be healed?
  10. Bipolar disorder; what are the symptoms?
  11. How many cases of double personality you know?
  12. Paranoia. Do you know that there are people who think that everyone wants to hurt them?
  13. Anorexia nervosa. How can it be healed?
  14. Prader-Willi-Syndrome. Patient who suffer from it can not stop eating, and this makes them isolated from the society.

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