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Coming Up With The Best Cause And Effect Essay Topics

To write a successful cause and effect paper, you will need to work on two major parts of the event you write about – what lead to this event (cause) and how it influenced the society, environment or future history (effect). When choosing an event or process to write about, make sure you will be able to cover these two essential parts. You will need to follow the chain of events that are connected to your topic.

3 ways to write your cause and effect paper.

There are several ways of how you can write a paper of this type, which will influence your choice of the topic. If your professor assigned you one of these types, it will be important for you to find out what exactly it means.

  1. Multiple causes paper. Here you will need to choose several events or processes that lead to a single event. They need to evenly contribute to the end event.
  2. Multiple effects paper. This one will require a topic, where one occurrence caused several processes in the society or environment and where the relation between all of the processes can be easily observed.
  3. Domino effect paper. In this type one event can be an effect of the previous one and a cause for the next one at the same time. It is important to maintain the relation of each entry to the next one.

Tips for choosing the best cause and effect topic

  • Choose a specific event. If you are only required to write a small 1-page paper, you will not have enough space to describe all the caused and effects on World War II and choosing one will take you a lot more time than choosing a small event.
  • Make sure the connections between the cause and effect are obvious. Think about it on this stage, when it’s easy for you to pick another topic, rather than start writing and then realize you have nothing to write about.
  • Think of something you personally like or know a lot about. If you want to save time and show your teacher your knowledge, pick something you have read a lot about or you know a lot from your history/geography/biology lessons.
  • Pick an event from your own life. It will for sure get you the most original topic you could ever find and will be easy to write about. However, make sure you want your whole class to find out about this part of your life.

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