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Creating An Illustration Essay On Disasters: Directions Worth Following

An illustration essay, or example essay, is actually fairly simple to write once you have a fair understanding of it. Essentially every essay you ever write will be illustrative – this simply entails that the paper uses examples to help support an idea. Examples include facts, references, or details. Because of this, you might find that writing about disasters is a great topic. Disasters regularly happen worldwide, and there are plenty of them to write about – with plenty of information. If you have never before written an example essay, or you do not know the basic do’s and do not’s of writing one, here are some directions worth following:

  • Research: As an example essay, you are going to want to have a lot of examples to provide. Do plenty of research, no matter what specific event you are writing about. It could be a natural disaster, or a national tragedy, gather as many resources as you can; your research will be your content.
  • Organize: Once you have gathered all of your examples, organize them into logical order- chronological, sequential, etc. The way you structure and organize this information will determine how easy the paper is for your audience to read.
  • Describe: Use as many details as possible to describe your examples. Be descriptive and use exciting language to clearly illustrate your event. This is an illustration essay – illustrate. The best way to do this is with vivid imagery. Be sure to only mention things that are relevant, though, as you do not want to get off topic or lose sight of what you are writing about.
  • Proofread: Once you think you have finished your paper, read over it. The first time you do this, read the entire paper as a whole. Pay attention to how the content flows, how ideas and events transition together, and how easy the content is to understand. Once you have read over it like this, read it a second time, this time paying attention to the content line by line. This type of editing will help you locate any typos, grammatical errors, or problems in syntax.

Illustration papers are simple, but that does not mean they are necessarily easy to write. They require a lot of time and research, and you must always use as much descriptive wording as possible. These steps will help you get a solid grade on your disaster essay.

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