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Basic Principles Of Writing A Cause And Effect Essay On Natural Disasters

Writing a cause and effect essay is fairly simple. You will have to list the reason why a particular phenomenon has occurred and then give the after effects of it. If you are going to write about natural disasters then you will have to list all the probable cause that is responsible for natural disasters. Now this may seem a bit tricky because there is no sure cause behind a natural disaster but when you do some scientific research of past mishaps you will find some common links.

Some of the cause that you can explore:

  • Flooding is a natural disaster that occurs when river bursts and overflows the banks. Many villages and towns have witnessed this disaster and pay severely for it. You can detail the various reasons like human activities of cutting away banks, deforestations or simple heavy rain as the primary cause of this disaster.

  • The second most important disaster is earthquake. Earthquakes happen due to the shifting of tectonic plates under the mantle of the earth. You can high light how human activities like building multistoried building add to the death too of an earthquake.

  • Wild fire is another common but neglected natural disaster. This may be because not many humans perish in this but it is the animals and birds which are slaughtered. Reasons for a wild fire can be varied it is mostly due to the dry weather or thunder and lightning. Sometimes it can also happen due to human negligence.

  • Tsunami is one natural disaster that can cause havoc in the world. It happens due to volcanic eruptions in the sea or earthquake under the sea. Either way it is probably the worst of the calamities and enough to claim thousands of lives. You can include examples of the recent tsunami which killed a lot of people.

The proper cause and effect essay has to have the after effects of a natural calamity. You can write about the deaths and chaos that a disaster brings. You will also have to highlight the country that gets worst hit. The economic crisis and the mammoth task of rescuing the survivors is one major aftereffect. Often the dead bodies decay in unhygienic conditions leading to further endemic and more loss of life. The effect sections should have all contemporary examples of natural disaster and a rough count of how many people lost their lives.

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