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Annexation Of Crimea

The Crimea territory has been annexed at least twice as recorded in history. This occurred in 1783 and most recently in 2014. Initially, the Crimea territory was managed by the Crimean Khanate by the time it was invaded by the Russian Empire more than two hundred years ago. The time before the invasion was defined by a lot of Russian interference in the Crimean affairs, a number of Crimean Tatars revolts and Ottoman uncertainty. This invasion started a hundred and seventy one years of Russian rule that was realized in Crimea that would end later with the moving of the territory to what was the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic back in 1954. Again, Crimea was invaded by Russia for the second time in 2014.

Annexation of Crimea 1783

During March 1783, the then prince Potemkin made what was seen as a rhetorical push to encourage one Empress Catherine to invade Crimea. The idea behind that was the belief that a lot of Crimeans would support a rule by Russia. Empress Catherine was very much encouraged and she formally declared the invasion of the territory almost a month later. Tatars did not confront the invasion. For many years due to the unrest, Crimeans lived without resources and the desire to engage in war. Quite a number of them went to Anatolia to seek refuge.

One Alexander Bezborodko believed that Russia was compelled to invade Crimea in the view that the Porte had not kept reliable faith from the start and that their main objective was to deny the Crimeans independence. However, the view was not welcome in that it was believed to be untrue.

Annexation of Crimea 2014

From the look of things and specifically looking at the past, the annexation of Crimea seemed to have been long forgotten. However, the same issue came up in March 2014. The globally recognized Crimea territory of Ukraine was invaded by the Russian Federation where it seemed to administer the region as two central subjects namely, the Sevastopol city and the Crimean republic inside the Crimean Federal District.

The military annexation and intervention from Russian happened following the Ukrainian revolution. This was a part of the larger chaos that came across the eastern and southern parts of Ukraine. The issue of invasion on Crimea seems to have deeper roots that it’s believed currently. It is amazing how such a thing could have occurred more than two centuries afterwards.

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