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Effective Academic Solutions: How To Write Essays In An Hour

Whatever the reason for it may be, you only have one hour left to write your essay. Your blood pressure is sky high and you are positive that you are going to fail your course. Sit back and relax, because believe it or not, you can complete your essay with a passing grade in just one hour. Here's how:

Where to start the process of writing?

The most vital thing that you can do during the hour you have to write is to keep your calm. When you panic, your mind starts to wander and you will have a difficult time concentrating on what you are doing, making it next to impossible to finish your essay. Sit down at a comfortable spot and turn off anything that makes noise, including your cell phone and the television. Once you have total silence, begin to think about the topic at hand. No writing needs to be done yet-- just thinking.

How to write quickly

After you have thought about the topic you need to start writing. Begin by writing out five sentences or single words that best describe the topic you have chosen. Once these have been written down, consider the introduction and the conclusion. Think about how you wish to approach the writing portion of the essay, using the words you have already written as the basis for your paper.

What guidelines should you follow?

After both the introduction and conclusion have been clearly defined in your head, next it is time to write the content. While doing the content writing, follow the guidelines below:

  • Keep your introduction concise, and straight to the point;
  • Since you will not have been able to properly document yourself on the essay topic, keep your details general in nature, but provide examples that are strong and clear;
  • While writing, pay attention to properly connecting sentences and paragraphs. Keep away from sentences that are unrelated with the preceding content, and keep your information logical;
  • Watch the clock. If you find that you are doing well on time, you can take extra time to go back and develop concepts and sentences. If you seem to be falling behind, reach a conclusion quickly and wrap things up.

If you follow the above tips you will be able to write an essay which will give you a passing mark, coming in just under the clock.

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