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In Search of Strong Personal Narrative Essays Available for Free

A personal narrative essay is designed to leave an emotional impact on the reader. Based off of a personal experience, this assignment is made to illuminate a story through details, sensory perceptions and imagery. For students to gain a better understanding of this essay type, they may want to look online for examples. By using an example, they can grasp the general tone and style used for a personal narrative.

Structuring the Essay

Within the introduction, the writer should illustrate what the reader will learn within the paper This part of the narrative should have a catch or interesting story that draws the reader into the paper. After the introduction, the body of the story will build on the main idea. It will show how the author feels about an event and exactly what happened. This part of the paper may be written in a chronological fashion or the author can group facts according to their topic. At the end of the paper, the writer should wrap up the story with a lesson or an idea.

Getting Started

For many students, writing is not a simple task. One of the ways that students can work around writer's block is to try telling the story aloud. Using a camera, smart phone or tape recorder, students should tell the story like they were talking to a friend. Afterward, they can transcribe what they said and organize it into a written story.

Students should keep in mind that this type of writing is supposed to be personal. Unlike other writing styles, this type of essay can utilize dialogue, personal details and anecdotes. To make the story livelier, students should try varying the length of their sentences. They can also use adjectives that are active, descriptive and emotional. Before turning in the paper, students should always edit their writing carefully. Any typos that remain in the document will distract the reader from the general idea.

Finding Examples

Free examples of a narrative essay can easily be found online. Students can search the term or visit a homework help site to find out more information. These essays are written at a range of quality levels. Some are completed by professional writers while others were written by elementary school students. To figure out their personal expectations, students should try to find a quality level that matches their current level in school. In addition, some teachers will also keep papers from previous students. If the student needs extra examples, the teacher may be able to loan them an old paper. | Essay writing tutorials from experts