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I Need To Polish Up My Paper: How To Find A Free Essay Grammar Checker

You do not have to stick to MS Word grammar check when there are better options available online for free. Although not a full substitute to a professional human editor, these programs can be a great help in polishing your essay and making it error-free.

  • Use a search engine.

    The best way to discover online essay checkers is through popular search engines. Enter a query such as “free grammar checker,” and wait for results to be displayed. For a more relevant search, put double quotation marks around your query; otherwise, you might get links to free anti-plagiarism checkers as well.

  • Check whether the program is actually free.
  • Not all paid websites let you know the price right away. After you upload your essay file to a supposedly “free” service, you might be informed that there are lots of mistakes and to know what exactly these mistakes are, you need to pay. If there is no clear statement that this program is free to use, assume that it is not. Copy your text only to checkers that you have found out to be free.

  • Consider word count limitations.
  • Most grammar checkers have a box in which you have to copy-and-paste your text. The amount of characters to be entered is usually limited, e. g. up to 2000. Make sure that your essay qualifies. To check larger texts, you need either to insert them in parts or purchase a paid membership. Note that you might not be allowed to run the program for free more than once a day. Start looking for grammar checkers when you have at least several days in reserve before your submission deadline.

  • Run several checkers.
  • There are conflicting opinions on how reliable automatic grammar checkers are. On the one hand, their developers are interested in their programs working well and constantly improve them; on the other, people who have tried free online checkers often report that the application has not caught all their mistakes. To raise your chances for perfect polishing, apply several free checkers to your essay.

  • Know what to expect.
  • An automatic grammar checker would not fix any errors for you; it would just underline or highlight awkward phrasing. You have to figure out on your own how to improve these fragments. If you are not sure you can do it, you can benefit from hiring a live editor online, or simply having a good friend proofread your work for free. | Essay writing tutorials from experts